New Year, New Adventures in Reading

Hello everyone! I hope you’ve had a good holiday so far! We finally had a white Christmas this year, which was awesome, except for the fact that it then rained most of the day and the snow was gone 24 hours later.

As many of you may already know, I have another blog where I have chronicled each book I’ve read this year. With 2009 drawing to a close, I’ve been thinking about how I want to continue that and have decided to set up a new blog here. Hopefully that will make it easier to maintain both these blogs and I’m hoping to try some cool new stuff with it.

So, if you want to continue following my reading list in 2010 you will be able to do so at my new blog. The blog is currently under construction (I’ve literally just set it up and haven’t played around with it yet) but it should be functioning in time for the new year. This year my goal is to reach 100 books. I’m not sure if that’s realistic, but I’m nearing 70 for 2009 so we’ll see what happens!

3 thoughts on “New Year, New Adventures in Reading”

  1. That was may more books than I managed last year. Computer and TV ate up all my time. (As did knitting.) And most of the books I read were by Terry Pratchett.


    1. TV takes up a lot of my time too, as you already know! lol. Are Pratchett’s books good? They only book I’ve ever read by him was Good Omens, written with Neil Gaiman (which I loved).


  2. Wow 70 books is alot,I think I only read about 20 books this year,it might be becasue I have very picky taste :).want to check out my site,I am trying to become a writer and am posting my stuff daily to get some critic from other people,care to give me yours?


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