I know I'm a Nerd

I’d Rather be in San Diego

I have a confession I’d like to make. (Deep breath) I know this may come as a shock to some of you, but … (pause for dramatic effect) … I am a nerd. A big one. Wow, that feels good.

Okay, so maybe that’s not very shocking to ANYONE reading this post. (Unless you’re reading this for the first time and don’t know anything at all about me. In which case: Welcome! Bienvenido! Willkommen! Bienvenue! And that’s pretty much where my language skills cease.)

Now where was I? Right. I’m a nerd. And as a nerd I, like many of my fellow nerds around the country without the money to fly to San Diego, am eagerly absorbing any and all information coming out of San Diego Comic Con with a mixture of excitement (they announced a Sonic Screwdriver remote control!) and extreme jealousy (A Hobbit panel! The 10th Anniversary of Firefly! Iron Man’s Hall of Armours!).

So this year I’ve made myself a promise. I WILL be at Comic Con in 2014. Why 2014 and not next year? There’s simply no way I will come up with the money to go next year in time to order tickets before they sell out. This does make me a little sad, knowing there will likely be a Thor 2 and Hobbit 2 panel next year, but I’m optimistic that perhaps there will be an Avengers 2 panel in 2014 to make the wait worth the while (and if for some reason Loki does not appear in the Avengers, hopefully Tom Hiddleston will have another reason for being there by then).

Why am I telling you, my few readers (again, if you’re new, Hi! Glad you came! Hope you stick around!) all of this? Because I am determined to make this happen, and I will probably need your help – Help to remind me that I need to be saving my money. The goal is to have the money for the ticket saved by this time next year, so I am ready to order. Then I’ll still have a year to save up for all the other related expenses (flights, food, etc). I figure I have put away at least $25 a month for the ticket, which I know doesn’t seem like a lot but with my spending habits it will probably take all year to do that. (The hardest part will be not touching what I’ve saved.) Comic Con has been a dream of mine for years, and it’s time to stop dreaming and start making it happen.

So will you help me?

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