Top 3 Things

Top 3 Things: February Edition

I feel like I blinked and February is gone. What happened? How is it March already? That just doesn’t seem possible.

February is the month of my brother’s birthday and Valentine’s Day, but aside from that it’s also – along with January – one of my least favorite months of the year. January and February are the Winter Months. The Dark Months. I’m the kind of person who is ready for Spring the minute the New Year comes, and waiting two months to get to March – which signifies Spring to me – just seems to take forever.

This year February was particularly weird as it marked the last month where we could look back on normal life as only a year ago. How strange is that?

Choosing my Top 3 Things for February was a little hard, but there were a few things that stood out this month.

“But what is grief, if not love persevering?”

The Vision, WandaVision episode 8
  1. WandaVision
    You all know I’m a huge fan of all things MCU, but Marvel has really outdone themselves this time. Since it was originally announced I was expecting WandaVision to be a really bizarre side tangent to the MCU with little point but way more Scarlet Witch. I was wrong. WandaVision is FANTASTIC. The story, the writing, the performances, everything about it is just brilliant. In fact, it’s set the bar for Marvel’s Disney+ shows so high, I actually have concerns that the rest of the series just won’t be able to live up to this one. This past Friday’s penultimate episode gut-wrenching and powerful and it’s great to finally see the MCU giving Wanda her due. 
  1. Lawyer Cat
    Guys, I cannot think about this video without cracking up. It’s hilarious. And for one joyous week the entire nation was united in their enjoyment of a single meme. It was beautiful.
  1. Animal Videos
    Facebook has figured out how much I adore videos of Red Pandas and other cute furry creatures and now regularly recommends them whenever I’m scrolling through my feed and I’ve discovered that this makes life So. Much. Better. I mean, who doesn’t love videos with cute furry animals? Red Pandas, foxes, otters, koalas – I’m here for all of it. Thank you Facebook for trying to make every day a little brighter.

So there’s my Top 3 Things for February. What were your highlights for the month?

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