Top 3 Things

Top 3 Things: March Edition

It’s Spring! It’s April, and there’s sunshine outside my window, temps are averaging 45 and above and it’s Spring!! This makes my heart happy.

I am not a fan of the winter months. I love the holiday season, but from January on winter is just dark and cold and way too long. March is always the milestone I look forward to and I’m so happy to now be bouncing into April.

I’m a little late in posting my Top 3 Things for March, but I’m going to blame the gorgeous weather and holiday weekend. Seriously guys, Spring just makes me feel so much more energetic! I want to get outside and go for walks and do things!

But enough of my rambling. Let’s get to my Top 3 Things for March!

  1. Skincare = Self Care
    Confession: I am terrible about taking care of my skin. I tend to be to busy in the morning (because I want to sleep in as late as possible) and too ready to just fall in bed at night to do all the washing and seruming and moisturizing I should be doing to keep my skin nice and healthy. Plus, I was blessed with terrible skin to start with, so finding the right products that actually worked for me was a struggle. However, I am a huge Jen Hatmaker fan, and she recently shared a post about how important it is for your Nighttime Self to do things for your Morning Self. Some of her fellow fans in her book club Facebook group took this and ran with it, and this has inspired me to take a look at my routines, and do more for my skin. It really only takes 5-10 minutes a day to do this one thing for myself, and it’s amazing how much better I feel just knowing that I’m doing this small thing for myself. I’ve also recently discovered the amazingness that is Glossier, and my skin will never be the same again.
  1. Stitch Fix
    A couple years ago I tried out Stitch Fix and loved it. I loved trying on outfits picked out just for me – often things I may never have selected myself, but immediately loved. However, due to budget concerns I decided it was best to pause my shipments (because it was always too tempting to spend more money than I should). A couple months ago Doug started ordering Fixes and I got a little jealous seeing all the fun stuff he was getting, so I decided to schedule for myself again and I’m so happy I did. My spring wardrobe has been rejuvenated! I can’t wait to be vaccinated so I can get out of the house more and wear the fun clothes I’ve gotten so far. This falls under the category of “Treat Yo Self” and it’s worth every penny. Two out of the last 3 boxes I’ve received have contained jeans that fit PERFECTLY. Ladies, you know how hard it is to find a perfect pair of jeans. I could try on 15 different pairs in a store and never find a pair that fits as well as these do. I’m in love with Stitch Fix right now, and if you haven’t tried it I highly recommend you do. Click here to take their quiz and schedule your first Fix!
    In case you couldn’t tell from my ramble above, I love Spring. It’s my second favorite time of year. I look forward to it every year and get so excited when I begin to see signs appearing in our yard. I have been eagerly watching all the flowers and trees budding and the return of the robins and the little rabbit that used to visit us last year. The birds are singing, peepers are peeping and bees are buzzing and it just makes me so HAPPY.

What were your Top 3 Things for March? What’s currently making you happy?

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