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Best Picture Nominee: Selma

Cast: David Oyelowo Carmen Ejogo Tom Wilkinson Selma tells the story of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s time in the small Alabama town, and the struggle to get equal voting rights for African Americans following the Civil Rights act. This film is a hard one to review, because I don't want to offend anyone and… Continue reading Best Picture Nominee: Selma

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Best Picture Nominee: Birdman

Cast: Michael Keaton Emma Stone Edward Norton Zach Galifianakis Birdman is the story of a man who was once famous for playing a Superhero trying to reclaim some respect and fame 20 years later, while also trying to reconnect with his daughter. I went into the theater with pretty low expectations for this film, because… Continue reading Best Picture Nominee: Birdman

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He Does Whatever a Spider Can

Unless you've been hiding under a social media rock this morning, you've probably already heard the news nearly every Marvel fan has been wanting to hear for a very long time: our friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man is joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Late last night Marvel announced the website-crashing news that they had come to an agreement… Continue reading He Does Whatever a Spider Can

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Best Picture Nominee: Whiplash

Cast: Miles Teller J.K. Simmons I honestly had never heard of this film prior to J.K. Simmons winning the Golden Globe for Supporting Actor. Since this film hadn't been on my radar for long before the Oscar Nominations were announced, I had no idea what to expect when I saw this movie. I had read… Continue reading Best Picture Nominee: Whiplash

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Best Picture Nominee: Boyhood

Cast: Ellar Coltrane Patricia Arquette Ethan Hawke Lorelei Linklater Boyhood has been on my list of films to watch for months before the Oscar nominees were announced, though I had no doubt of it's nomination given all that I was hearing. The idea that they filmed this over the course of 12 years fascinated me,… Continue reading Best Picture Nominee: Boyhood

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Best Picture Nominee: The Grand Budapest Hotel

Cast: Ralph Fiennes Tony Revolori Jude Law Edward Norton I saw this movie for the first time on a flight from JFK to Shannon, Ireland. I had heard so many good things about it I really wanted to see it. However, I ended up unable to stay awake to pay attention to the entire film.… Continue reading Best Picture Nominee: The Grand Budapest Hotel

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Best Picture Nominee: American Sniper

Cast: Bradley Cooper Sienna Miller Over the past week or so I’ve found myself wondering if the Academy still would have nominated American Sniper for Best Picture had they known the controversy it would create once it was released. I’m going to go ahead and state up front that I have no interest in debating… Continue reading Best Picture Nominee: American Sniper