Starting over again

About once a year or so I decide it’s time to get serious about this writing thing and start blogging on a regular basis. About a week later I usually begin to fail. Either I get bored with the way the site works, I don’t have anything interesting to say or I just can’t find the time to write what I want.

This blog is my latest attempt. If all goes well you’ll be able to come here to view all my thoughts on anything and everything I can think of (and trust me, I have a lot of opinions about a lot of things). I recently finished reading Bitter is the New Black by Jen Lancaster (which I highly  recommend) and she was offered a book deal thanks to the right people reading her blog. Now, I don’t think I’m nearly as entertaining as she is, but reading that book inspired me to give it a chance. Maybe someday a book agent will read this site and offer me a book deal (hey, it could happen).

So here’s to starting over. Let’s hope this blog is more successful than it’s previous incarnations!

6 thoughts on “Starting over again”

  1. Thanks guys! I actually really like the format of WordPress better than anything I’ve tried so far. You can do so much with it, it feels like my own website and not just a blog site. So who knows, maybe I’ll stick with it this time.


  2. I’m slightly embarrassed by all the blogs and journals have started. Like you, I get the itch to share my thoughts in a more public forum, but then I get a little distracted – or lazy. So best of luck!

    And be sure to nudge us on plurk when you post again. It certainly helps me.



  3. Hi, Charissa!
    Here’s to starting over.!

    I completely understand the start-and-start-over relationship you have with your blogs and blog layouts. I’ve got the same issue. But hey, re-invention is always fun; and it keeps things fresh. 🙂


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