The Hobbit has begun filming!!

Peter Jackson has posted the first of what will be a series of Vlogs on the filming of The Hobbit on his Facebook page. If you’ve missed it, here’s the link.

Jackson doesn’t give too much away on the first day, and manages to avoid showing any of the cast in costume (the closest you get is the back and semi-profile of one dwarf, but they never show a face). He does give you a tour of the newly rebuilt (exactly they were) Bag End and Rivendell sets as well as Gollum’s cave (which is pretty creepy). You also get to see most of the cast as they rehearse/block out the scenes where the dwarves have dinner with Bilbo in Bag End.

Side Note (and girly confession): I was a little sad to see that Aidan Turner has completely cut off all of his hair, though it can be understood given the fact that I’m sure a dwarf’s wig is going to be enormous and heavy.

Seeing this video and knowing that filming has begun has me that much more excited about this movie. I reread the book about a month ago, and that’s when I started getting excited, but after seeing this I’m totally excited. I don’t think I’ve been this excited about any movie prior to its completion, must be the fangirl in me coming out. I sadly had never read the books prior to seeing The Fellowship of the Ring, otherwise I probably would have been this excited then too. I’m looking forward to Jackson’s Vlogs from the set, and cannot wait for the first film to be finished!

3 thoughts on “The Hobbit has begun filming!!”

  1. It’s such a great video – there’s an excellent moment at 6.15:
    “We can stick a fan up your robe for air conditioning”… to which Gandalf responds: “Promises, promises”… 😀 hehe.
    I’m extremely excited to see this film too, I think the use of LOTR music throughout helps build that excitement ;D


    1. I think you’re right about the music. It definitely put me in an LotR mood and made me want to listen to all the soundtracks (and watch the movies) again!


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