Extreme Makeover Blog Edition

It’s that time of year when I decide I don’t actually like the layout of my blog (which I loved when I originally chose it) and I spend hours going through every theme in order to choose a new one. I’ve come to the conclusion that I like designing blogs more than actually maintaining them, since I spend much more time re-designing this one than actually posting anything here (and I’m pretty sure I’ve had at least two previous posts where I’ve said something to that effect). 

After spending hours going through every theme that I can afford (read: free), I’ve chosen the one you’re seeing (unless you’re reading this via email or some RSS feed, then you can’t see it; sorry) and it’s a little more “girly” than I would have liked. However it became apparent that I really don’t like very many of the free themes and if I wasn’t an extremely poor grad student I may have actually paid the yearly fee to be able to really customize my theme. But alas, paying for the ability to customize my blog just isn’t in my budget right now, which leads me back to the girly theme. I’ve decided I kind of like the irony, going with a girlish pink theme for a blog titled “Not Another Dumb Blonde.” 

I’m not sure what will become of this blog in the coming weeks, months, years, etc. I would really like to start posting on a weekly basis (at the very least) and hopefully that will start with this post. However, lately I’ve been debating between the merits of using Tumblr vs. WordPress and while I don’t know that I want to completely change over to Tumblr, there are a lot of things about it that I like. But there are also still a lot of things I can do with WordPress that I can’t do with Tumblr, so I’m likely to stay here at least for the time being. I’ll probably be doing a lot of reposting to my Tumblr blog. 

For now it’s time to take a break, as I’ve been staring at this blog site for far too long. I have at least one post being worked out in my head as we speak, so I’m sure I’ll be back soon. 

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