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Bits & Pieces: August: Osage County, Oscars Thoughts and

This is going to be a rather random post about a couple different topics. You’ve been warned.

Last spring I had to read the play August: Osage County for a drama class I was taking. Some friends and I also went to see the play performed live and we all loved it. So naturally when I heard there was a movie being made, I had to see it (even before I knew Benedict Cumberbatch was going to be in it). The movie was fantastic – the cast was great, and even though a lot of things had to be cut out to get it down from 3 hours, it was still very close to the original and I loved it. I’m excited Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts received nominations for the film, but I’m disappointed they’re the onnly Oscar nominations it received. You can read my official review of the film here. Which brings me to my next topic:

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook (or if you’ve glanced over to see the logo to the right of this post) you may have heard me mention It’s a new online e-mag founded by a friend of mine from college. It will be covering a wide range of topics – politics, humor, reviews, weekly columns, and more – and I highly recommend you check it out and follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, etc. I’m very excited to be writing for a site other than just my own blog. Within the next couple weeks I’ll be reviewing Her and Dallas Buyers Club for their Oscars coverage.

And speaking of Oscars coverage, I’m more than halfway towards accomplishing my goal of seeing all the nominees by Oscar Night. I have now seen six of the nine films (for those keeping track, my 12 Years a Slave review will be coming later this week). The remaining films are Gravity, Philomena and Dallas Buyers Club. I’m also adding Blue Jasmine to my list; it wasn’t nominated for Best Picture, but Cate Blanchett was nominated for Best Actress and this way I’ll be able to make an informed prediction of who I would like to see win (though right now I am leaning HEAVILY towards Meryl Streep).

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