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Happy Singles Awareness Day

Or, as I like to think of it,  One Month Left Until Veronica Mars Returns Day – otherwise known as Friday.

I could write an incredibly long drawn out post about why this holiday is a ridiculously trumped up holiday designed to help greeting card and candy companies make a profit (as if they don’t do well enough on Halloween, Christmas and Easter). Or, how you should be demonstrating your love for your significant other (if you have one) all year long and not just one day marked out on a calendar. However, I decided since others have already done this so well I would just share their posts with you.

First, a post from, which may seem a little self-serving since I write for them, but I did not write this post and I think all my issues with the holiday fairly well. Plus, you know, I want to promote the site.

The second, a post from The Bloggess. I realize some of you who read my blog may not approve of the language in the title of the post, but I loved the sentiment expressed in the post itself – love yourself, whether you have anyone to share the day with or not.

And lastly, because I love him and this video can always make me smile, here’s some dancing John Barrowman for you:

So whether you’re single or not, whether you have plans or not, try to enjoy the day.

And for my fellow Marshmallows – One Month.

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