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Sometimes Celebrities Care

This week my column for Fanning Out is about some of my favorite favorite celebrities and the amazing things they do in their spare time to help others. I encourage you to read it, especially if you’re like me and you often feel frustrated by all the news coverage of the negative things celebrities do (*cough*Bieber*cough*). There are a lot of celebrities out there who genuinely care about their fans and the world in general, and I think it’s better to focus on the good, rather than the bad.

The column was originally inspired by this tweet from Zachary Levi:

Levi Tweet

His tweet was a response to this blog on Tumblr. Fans of Levi already know what a great guy he is in real life, and this is just further proof.

A friend of mine brought the tweet, and then the blog, to my attention last week and it just struck me how genuine Levi’s words were. And for a celebrity like him – who I’m sure is not only busy with work, but also with running a business and planning for Nerd HQ 2014 – to take time out to reach out to a fan and let them know he cares is just incredible.

There are so many stars who use their fame and influence for good. Aside from the ones I mentioned in my column, Norman Reedus has sponsored charity auctions for fans with cancer; Christian Bale visited victims of the Aurora shooting in the hospital; after Hurricane Sandy Anson Mount spent a lot of time helping to clean up neighborhoods in New York and New Jersey and the list goes on.

I love seeing the human side of the people that I watch on TV or in movies and I love stories about celebrities who actually care about something other than making more money, getting awards, media attention and whatever else the self-obsessed stars tend to care about. It reminds me that the people I admire are just people too. Sure, they have a much cooler job than me and get to hang out with a lot of other awesome people, but really they’re just like us. At least, stars like Zachary Levi are.

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