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May Wrap Up

May has been a bit of a crazy month. I decided to combine my monthly Book Haul and wrap up posts because otherwise my usual ‘Recapping Reads’ post would probably look exactly like April’s. Somehow I only read 1 book in all of this month, and that was a book of poetry that took me a single evening (at work, no less). Everything else I was reading at the start of this month I’m still reading now. Life has just been busy this month and though it feels like I have done quite a bit of reading, I still didn’t manage to finish anything. This is one of the downsides of reading to many books at once – it takes you longer to finish any of them.

So, if you take a look at my April Recapping Reads, you’ll pretty much find everything there (except books read) is the same. I’m sticking with the same to read list for now too (though I’m working on coming up with a few new titles to add for my Summer Reading list).

The only book I actually read and finished this month was Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur. I do not feel at all qualified to review poetry, but hopefully I’ll have some thoughts posted by next week.

April 2016 HaulBook Haul

Remember last month when I said I wouldn’t buy any books in May? Well I almost stuck to that. Aside from Milk and Honey (not pictured) the only other books I purchased were at a library book sale, and I didn’t even pay for them – my boyfriend did. And we got all 7 of these books for only $3.50, so I’d say we made out pretty well. I had told myself this was my reward for being good and not buying any books earlier in the month. Now let’s see if I can make it through all of June without buying any. Baby steps!

Unfortunately most of these books will probably just get added to my TBR list and not read immediately (as usually happens with books I get at book sales), though I do hope to get to The Handmaid’s Tale at some point this summer. Most of these are either books that have been on my reading list for a long time, or just books that I’ve been curious about for a while.

As I’m sure all book bloggers are aware, May was also BEA month. I unfortunately did not make it (again) but one of my managers at the bookstore did and was kind enough to pick up some ARCs for me while he was there.

May 2016 ARCsAll but two of these came home from BEA with my manager. The Outliers and A Hundred Thousand Worlds were found up for grabs in our break room at work.

This stack I’m going to try to get through by the end of the summer – especially the first five books, because I’m excited about all of them. Of those, I am probably the most excited about A Hundred Thousand Worlds and The Fifth Petal (I loved Barry’s The Lace Reader). I know very little about the other three, though Mischling in particular sounded interesting (possibly dark, but interesting).

I did not make any ebook purchases this month, but I did receive permission for an eARC of Gaslight and Grimm a collection of Steampunk Fairytales that a friend has a story in, along with some other great scifi/fantasy authors. I haven’t started reading yet, but I’m sture it’s going to be a good read and will recommend it already.

So there is my month in review. Hopefully June will be a little more successful when it comes to actually finishing some of the books I’ve started. As much as I’m enjoying what I’m reading right now, I can’t wait to move onto some of the other books on my list!

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