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Best Picture Nominee: American Sniper

Cast: Bradley Cooper Sienna Miller Over the past week or so I’ve found myself wondering if the Academy still would have nominated American Sniper for Best Picture had they known the controversy it would create once it was released. I’m going to go ahead and state up front that I have no interest in debating… Continue reading Best Picture Nominee: American Sniper


And the Award Goes to…

In which I share my predictions on who will win the Oscar on Sunday.


Best Picture Nominee: American Hustle

Cast: Christian Bale Bradley Cooper Amy Adams Jennifer Lawrence Jeremy Renner American Hustle is the story of two con artists (Christian Bale and Amy Adams) who make a deal with an FBI agent (Bradley Cooper) to make several white collar busts and then chaos ensues. American Hustle is one of those films that’s kind of… Continue reading Best Picture Nominee: American Hustle