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CJ’s Bookshelf: June Reads

I've finally gotten back into my usual reading pace, thoguh this will probably still be a shorter post as most of the books I read this month I chose to review individually. I've provided links to those reviews in case your interested in reading more about each one. Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas… Continue reading CJ’s Bookshelf: June Reads

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CJ’s Bookshelf: April Reads

My bookshelf is actually light on books this month - not that I haven't been doing quite a bit a reading. I only finished one actual novel (even though I have about three others started) and a book of poetry. The majority of my reading this month was actually devoted to reading comic books. Equal Rites… Continue reading CJ’s Bookshelf: April Reads

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CJ’s Bookshelf: March Reads

March is "Folklore" month in my reading challenge, so you may notice a common theme amongst a few of my reading selections this month (and it may lean more toward "Faerie tale" then folktale). See if you can pick out which novels that applies to. I am also in the process of reading a book of reimagined… Continue reading CJ’s Bookshelf: March Reads