Exercise is Good

The Gym Diaries Vol. 1

Last week I finished reading Such a Pretty Fat by (my new favorite person ever) Jen Lancaster and decided it’s time to get serious about getting healthy and getting into shape. So I went out and joined a gym about 5 minutes from work. The idea being that I would be able to go straight from work to the gym, since I probably would never go if I went home first.

I signed up last Thursday and yesterday was the first day I actually went to work out. And I won’t be going today because A. It’s Thanksgiving and B. I hurt.

You see, my gym has this 30 minute express workout that is a serious of 10 machines that work out your entire body. I thought this was a great idea, so I did it and now I can barely lift my arms. But it’s all good. I figure that pain will be a reminder of my workout, so I don’t need to feel guilty about eating tons of carbs today, since according to the eliptical machine (which I spent 20 min on after the 30 minute circuit) I burned over 150 calories yesterday. For a girl who rarely does any physical activity, that’s not bad.

I was actually impressed with myself; I’m not much for working out in public. I’ve never thought I looked good in sweatpants or work out clothes, however I did find a cute outfit at Target that actually makes me look a little slimmer than I actually am (I totally looked cute! And I realize looking cute isn’t really a pre-requisite for workouts, but it sure made me feel better about working out in the company of a bunch of strangers).

The only problem with joining a gym is that I’ve never been to a gym, outside of high school gym class, in my entire life. I know nothing about proper gym etiquette. I mean, my gym is pretty relaxed (they’re motto is “Judgement Free Zone” which is one of the things that attracted me to it) but I’m sure there’s still come common courtesy things that you must do. Needless to say I spent half my time there just spying on observing the other people. I learned a lot this way. For example, make sure you wipe your sweat off the machines when you’re done. Though that one may have been a given. I also learned that some people will pay just to come to the gym and read magazines while half-heartedly using machines that you want to use. (fortunately this person was willing to move when asked politely … hey, who says I can’t be polite once in a while?)

So I would definitely consider my first workout a success. Now I just need to make sure I go several times a week and keep it up. And maybe at some point I’ll actually be able to move my arms the day after a workout.

2 thoughts on “The Gym Diaries Vol. 1”

  1. Good job you! I had worked with at trainer at my gym for awhile to learn techniques. Well, until my back started killing me. After about a year, I’m getting reading to start back with some easy workout DVDs.

    And yes, if you keep at it, your arms won’t hurt as much the next day.


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