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When My Inner Nerd and Anglophilia Conflict

A little less than a year ago I wrote this blog in which I promised myself that I would start saving my money so that in 2014 I would be able to afford a trip to San Diego Comic Con. I know what you’re all probably thinking, I’m not just a nerd, I’m a Nerd with a capital N. … And you’d probably be right. To some spending that much money at a convention that celebrates nerds is probably a giant waste of money, but it sounds like so much fun and just once in my life I wanted to be able to experience the long lines, the crowded rooms, and the feeling of being surrounded by thousands of people who are just like you. For the last couple years I’ve heard reports from friends who have gone (and saw their photos with Joss Whedon while he visited fans in line for the Firefly panel last year) and I really just wanted to have that experience for myself, just once. Sure, I had gone to a Supernatural convention before, but that would be nothing compared to the scale of Comic Con (though VanCon was awesome, and Vancouver is a gorgeous city).

From the moment I posted that blog I kept my promise. Every month I put money into a savings account intended to buy my ticket for the entire weekend, a flight to San Diego and all other expenses while I was in California. I was well on my way too – By January I had already saved enough for the ticket and was busy stockpiling the money for the rest of my expenses. I was definitely keeping up my end of that particular bargain, and I was really excited about the idea of going to Comic Con. Then one day my Aunt called.

Five years ago my mom, brother, two aunts and I took a trip to Ireland. We toured around the country for two whole weeks and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. (You can read a little taste of my trip here: I Remember Ireland.) From the moment I set foot on Irish ground, I felt like I belonged there and ever since I left I’ve dreamed of going back. Along with returning to Ireland I’ve also dreamed of visiting Scotland, England and Wales – particularly London, as I am a huge fan of nearly all things British.

So my aunt calls us back in February and asks if I would like to accompany her on a 16-day trip through Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales. I would get the chance return to Killarney and Dublin, plus see some of the sites I’ve dreamed of seeing in the UK – Edinburgh, London, Stonehenge, Shakespeare’s birthplace, etc. (I mean look at this trip! It’s a dream come true!) I’d even get a chance to ride the London Eye! The only downside is I would have to choose between this trip, and Comic Con.

Now, I may be a huge nerd, but I am definitely not a big enough nerd to give up a trip to the UK in favor of a few days at Comic Con (or perhaps I’m just a bigger Anglophile than a nerd). I didn’t even hesitate – of course I wanted to go to Europe, even if that meant giving up my chance to go to Comic Con.

So, I unfortunately won’t be attending Comic Con in 2014. While I’m a little disappointed to be missing my chance, I know my time in Europe will more than make up for it. And I’m not giving up the dream of someday going to SDCC; it’s still on my Bucket List and hopefully someday I’ll make it – just not next year. Instead, I’ll be crossing other items off my Bucket List in 2014 and fulfilling other dreams.

Exactly 53 weeks from today I’ll be on my way back to Ireland, and I cannot wait.

7 thoughts on “When My Inner Nerd and Anglophilia Conflict”

  1. So jealous!!! It’s gonna be a great trip though! I’m starting to look into taking Kyle to Comic Con in Philly sometime in the near future. It’s not San Diego, but you could come with us 🙂


      1. I thought Shawn Ashmore was Iceman? I know Aaron is his identical twin who also acts though! *was a huge fan of Anamorphs back in the day* 🙂 Though that would be cool! I heard Bruce Campbell was there at philly con last year, too!


        1. Argh, you’re right. She met Shawn then, I think. I get those two mixed up all the time! (Which is amusing since Aaron is the one on Warehouse 13 and was on Smallville, so he’s the one I see more regularly) I’m pretty sure she met Iceman. And yes, Bruce was at Philly CC last year, it would have been awesome to meet him. There were a lot of people there this year I would have loved to meet, several members of the Firefly cast and John Barrowman just to name few.


    1. Fair point. By calling calling myself an Anglophile I was specifically referring to my comment about being a fan of all things British, but I do love Ireland just as much, so you would be correct.


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