I know I'm a Nerd, Television

My Inner Nerd’s Tumblr Account

My Inner Nerd’s Tumblr Account

As I’m sure some of you readers have already figured out, I am a really big nerd. And one of the more nerdy things I like to do is discuss my favorite television shows – especially when there are a lot of things that are going on that are just sitting there waiting to be analyzed. So I’ve created a Tumblr page just for this epic nerdiness of mine, and you can check it out. I watch a wide variety of shows, so you may end up finding commentary on many different things. I even have comments set up so you can participate in the discussion if you so desire! The first commentary-based post is about the latest episode of Teen Wolf (don’t scoff, the show was actually much better than I expected once I gave it a chance; surprisingly there is actually an interesting plot and character  development going on behind all those pretty faces and half-dressed bodies).

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