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Snapshots from Summer Camp

I’ve begun a series of flash fiction stories to include in my thesis project; all memories from my days at summer camp, either as a camper or while I was on staff. Like most of the pieces in my thesis these are technically fictional, since I can’t really remember exact details, but they’re all based on events I remember. I thought I’d share one of these “snapshots” with you:

She stands on the tiny platform 30 feet in the air, hugging the tree and trying not to look down. Below her, anchored to the ground, the instructor looks up and calmly encourages her to let go of her fears. She slowly turns and tiptoes closer to the edge. She briefly looks down, then closes her eyes. She shakes her head and a chorus of voices shout up at her, telling her everyone else has already done it, she can do it too, it’s not as scary as it looks.

“When I count to three,” The instructor tells her. “One … Two … THREE!”

She takes a big breath, then with eyes still closed she stretches out her arms and takes a step off the platform.

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