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An Early Birthday Present

This year I will be celebrating my thirtieth birthday – in just over two weeks actually. I decided in celebration of that birthday I would purchase myself a new tablet; something I had been wanting for a long time but never dared to spend the money on. However, this year I decided not to talk myself out of it and just went for it. So here I am typing my first ever blog on my new iPad. 

There are many reasons I wanted a new tablet. I wanted the convenience of having most of the functions of a computer without actually having to carry my heavy laptop around. I am not a fan of watching TV on my laptop, but I thought a smaller device (but with a larger screen than my e-reader) may be more convenient for streaming tv online. Another major reason for considering a tablet now was the announcement that Barnes & Noble would be discontinuing their line of color tablets. I own a Nook Color and really didn’t want to be stuck relying in a device no longer supported by the manufacturer. Since all my books are formatted for Nook (and I have a lot of ebooks) I didn’t want to switch to Kindle; it made more sense to go with a tablet that could run the Nook app. While Windows devices are cheaper, I chose the iPad since I hope to someday trade my Dell laptop for a Mac. 

While I’m sure ill have a lot of fun playing on here, I’m also really excited about all the productivity apps I’ve been researching. I’m currently testing out an all for my blog to see how I like it. I may be a nerd, but I’m really excited about all the things I’m going to be able to do with this device and how functional it will be. I just need to get the hang of typing with the on-screen keyboard. 

Sorry if this post was more boring than usual. It was really just way for me to experiment with the functionality of this app. If you’re still reading at this point you are a wonderful human being. 

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