Monday Musings

Monday Musings: Shadowhunters

ShadowhuntersThis probably isn’t going to be a very long post, but I’ve been following the Shadowhunters news from NYCC this weekend and just have to say that 1. I am so disappointed I wasn’t there this year and missed this panel and 2. I am getting really excited about this show.

I am a big fan of Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunter books. Let me amend that, I am a big fan of the first three books of The Mortal Instruments and all of the Infernal Devices. I have mixed feelings about the second three books of The Mortal Instruments and still haven’t finished the last book of the series (my goal is to do so before the show starts). I love the world and the characters Clare has created.

That said, I wasn’t a huge fan of the movie. Don’t get me wrong – I loved almost everyone in the cast, I just did not like them in those roles. I think Lena Headey and Godric Gao were the only ones to really fulfill the role in the way I had envisioned it. The rest just didn’t seem to jibe with my vision of the characters. Especially Jonathan Rhys-Meyers. I will always love him, but he was just so wrong for Valentine. He wasn’t even close to the way I pictured him. I think I made allowances for Aidan Turner as Luke simply because he was Aidan Turner (though he was pretty close to the Luke I pictured).

When I found out they were planning a TV series to re-adapt the books I was actually excited, despite my growing annoyance with reboots and remakes. After the disappointment that was the movie, I really wanted the books to get the adaptation they deserved, and a TV series seemed like a much better way to tell the story. I even tried figuring out who I would cast in the roles. None of my ideas were right, but I love the cast they put together. I can’t believe I didn’t think of Harry Shum Jr. for Magnus, and Alan Van Sprang is exactly the image I have of Valentine Morgenstern.

The trailer for the series has me even more excited:


From that trailer I can already see where they may be deviating from the books a little, but I’m okay with that. There’s something about adapting a book for television vs. film that gives the writers a little more leeway. It seems fans are much more forgiving when it comes to making changes on television than they are for movie adaptations. Just look at The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, or True Blood. None of those shows closely follow the plot of the source material, but each is still wildly popular with fans of the books. Sure, there are some fans that can’t forgive the changes, but I for one like that I can enjoy the books and the series separately and don’t need to be constantly comparing. I also don’t have to worry about one spoiling the other – there are always going to be twists and surprises in each medium that I didn’t see coming.

Two clips from the first episode were also released this weekend, and I gotta say I’m already excited about the look of the show. And I have a feeling Harry Shum Jr. just might become my favorite part of this series.


I cannot wait for the show to premiere on January 12th. I was already excited, and what I’ve seen this weekend has just increased that excitement. What about you? Are you a Mortal Instruments fan excited about the series too?

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