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Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I’d Follow on Social Media

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This week’s topic is Characters I’d follow on Social Media, which was a really hard topic for me. I couldn’t think of a single character I’ve even read about really using social media, and it was hard to picture any of them online. However, I think I’ve come up with a list that I’m happy with.

  1. Kady (Illuminae) – One of the few characters on this list who actually does use computers in the novel. She’s spunky and smart, so I’d probably enjoy following her.
  2. Lyra (Navigating the Stars) – This was another that was easier to think of because she does use technology.
  3. Elizabeth Bennet (Pride and Prejudice) – Elizabeth is witty and intelligent and one of my favorite heroines, so I’m sure I would follow her. (Technically, I already have since I was following all the characters in The Lizzie Bennet Diaries).
  4. Jo March (Little Women) – Another clever and witty woman; I’m starting to see a trend here. Given Jo’s propensity for writing I can see her taking to social media and being an interesting presence.
  5. Zachary Ezra Rawlins (The Starless Sea) – I’m so obsessed with this book I think it’s made it on nearly every list so far. I think Zachary’s interest in gaming and literature would make him in an interesting person to follow online.
  6. Hermione Granger (Harry Potter) – I think this is obvious. I just love Hermione, and I would love to read her daily thoughts on Harry and Ron’s antics.
  7. Thomas (Dresden Files) – The natural inclination here would be to add Harry to the list, but we all know a computer wouldn’t last long enough for him to send out one tweet. So, I chose Thomas because I love Thomas and I think his snark would make for some great updates.
  8. Beatrice (Much Ado About Nothing) – Another intelligent, witty woman. Clearly I have a type when it comes to choosing my favorite literary characters.
  9. Friederick Thiessen (The Night Circus) – Herr Thiessen is a little obscure, but if there really were a Night Circus, I would want to be able to follow his descriptions of the circus and see it through his eyes.
  10. Rachel Morgan (The Hollows series) – Rachel is just badass. She has Harry Dresden’s wit without the destruction of technology, so she would be perfectly able to tweet her clever one-liners out to the world. 

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