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Choosing a Favorite

"What is your favorite book?" I have a Master's in English and people know I love to read, so I get asked that question a lot. If you're a reader like me, then I'm sure you do too. And, if you're anything like me, then perhaps that question is just as hard for you to… Continue reading Choosing a Favorite

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CJ’s Bookshelf: January Reads

I’ve stated many times on this blog how much I love to read, so it should come as no surprise to you that I’ve already read a lot of books in 2015. My goal for the year is 70 – the same as last year’s goal, though I fell a little short at just 55… Continue reading CJ’s Bookshelf: January Reads


A Good Book is Like an Old Friend

A few months ago I was reading a blog that posed the question of what books are worth re-reading, and mentions a debate as to whether or not re-reading is a waste of time. With so many great new books being released on a weekly basis, why go back to something you already read? As… Continue reading A Good Book is Like an Old Friend